Your body holds the answers your mind longs for. Let’s move through them together.

Photos by Allison Seto from
Ecstatic Dance with Marie-Claire O’Donoghue at Esker Foundation, presented with exhibitions by Neil Campbell and Jeremy Shaw.

Do you long to find more presence and awareness in your physical body? Is presence and sensory awareness challenging to access on a regular basis?

In Movement Based Self-Inquiry sessions, we work together in finding a sense of ease and presence in your own body. This practice can translate into acceptance of your whole self, and every aspect of your life, even the difficult and uncomfortable parts. With gentle guided movement and individual support, we assist you in working through emotional challenges, cognitive blocks, and gently supporting you in finding your own sense of center.


YOU are ultimately the guide and the healer in this journey. By holding space, offering movement based guidance, and using kinesthetic empathy, we provide a supportive space and human connection in which to express non-verbally, and come back to presence and acceptance of your self and your body.


“My time with Marie-Claire was instrumental in bringing me back into my body. As a person who struggles with dissociation and chronic illness, the safe space she created for me to explain my sensations without words was incredibly healing.” -Syma (Movement Based Self-Inquiry participant)

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First session: inquiry + intake - $75 (1 hour)

Continuing sessions: movement + guidance - $100 (90 minutes)

**3 session booking (post intake): $270

**5 session booking (post intake): $445

Where: The Dandelion Gallery (1048 8 St SE - upstairs)

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