Intentional Dance and Creative Connections

LAST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH 8:00-10:00pm @ New Age (140 10 St NW)

All Ages, Drop-In, Entry By Donation (recommended $10-$30 per person). Monthly events posted on Facebook @MOVEmeant.yyc

Come share your Friday evening with us in a safe, welcoming, comfortable environment. This event is intended for you to explore connection with yourself and others through dance, movement, music, and creativity. Accompanied by a local DJ (varrying monthly) spinning some of the funkiest tunes, the main space will be available for physical expression, dance and movement. We do ask that verbal communication is kept off the dance floor, to allow inviduals to explore movement free from distraction. We will open and close together, but the dancing is entirely left up to you and your expression. Near the the dance floor, we will hold space for social connections and creative flow. If you feel so inclined, please bring writing or drawing material, cards, or simply energy to share. The intention is for you to feel comfortable and safe to connect deeper with yourself and others in this space. Verbal communication is free and open in this area. We create a supportive, introspective, meditative, respectful space for all to enjoy. Whether it's through movement or stillness, this is a space for self-exploration and discovery. Come feel the vibes, get charged up, and dance the night away. YOU are in charge of YOUR experience.