Ecstatic Dance is a fun, creative way to explore movement and self-expression. Completely judgement free, come experience dance in a safe, supportive environment.

We'll start the dance with an opening circle and brief guided meditation, followed by just over an hour of unfacilitated, free-form, self-explorative dance. The only expectation is to refrain from verbal communication throughout the dance, and allow the variety of music to move us. We end the evening in a closing circle and hold space for participants to integrate and express their experience. Come explore dance and movement free from judgement, criticism, and expectations.  ABSOLUTELY ZERO DANCE OR MEDITATION EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Come as you are, and let's move together. 

New Years Eve.png

Special Event - New Years Eve

8-11pm at Passage Studios - $25 drop-in

January - May 2019

First Friday of the Month

Passage Studios - Upstairs (524 11 Ave SW)


$20 drop-in

($15-$10 accepted for those who are financially constrained, students, or otherwise unable to pay full amount)

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