About our School / Youth Programs and Presentations...

"We recently had MOVEmeant at our school [Mental Health Awareness] event. The workshops were wonderfully thought out, developmentally appropriate for each age group, and fun! The students and staff enjoyed this program immensely and was a favorite among many. We love, love, love MOVEmeant! Thank you very much for bringing mindfulness and movement together!" -Colleen Sevcik (Teacher at Kathryn Elementary School)

"Marie-Claire from MOVEmeant guided my Executive Dance Company through a carefully crafted series of personally challenging and emotionally beneficial activities designed to help [the students] become more sensitive to the emotional needs of individuals in the teams they lead. Her use of dance as a medium to covey her lessons on human connection and interpersonal responsibility allowed her to relate immediately to the students on their level, and through this common language she encouraged the students to explore how to approach leadership in a powerful way. I walked in on rehearsals after Marie-Claire’s visit to see the Dance leaders conducting circle discussions where kids felt safe to share their opinions and feelings on matters impacting their dance performance. It was incredibly moving to see the immediate impact of the recent MOVEmeant sessions and this independently initiated application of lessons learned. I am forever grateful for Marie-Claire’s visit and could not recommend her more highly to other youth based organizations who want to conduct team building or otherwise therapeutic sessions based on movement and dance." -Kelly Brownlee (Dance Program Teacher at Father Lacombe High School, Calgary AB)

About our Adult Team Building Session...

"[...] What a fun and energizing way to spend an evening! Marie-Claire led us in team building experiences that offered us an opportunity to re-familiarize ourselves with our 'inner dance self'! The activities Marie-Claire planned for us not only got us moving, but opened us up to sharing stories with one another about our lives, which created a safe and non-judging atmosphere. This flowed into the rest of our evening and really brought our team closer together. Many, many thanks to MOVEmeant and Marie-Claire for facilitating this workshop." -Linda (Faculty, Bow Valley College)

"We had Movemeant facilitate a dance/movement session for our staff team-building gathering, and it was incredible! Despite initial nervousness among some of our staff about the idea of dancing in front of others, the facilitation made the whole experience natural, light-hearted, and SO much fun. We were all so grateful for the experience and absolutely recommend it for other groups looking for novel team-building activities!" - Courtney Davis (Staff Member, The Light Cellar, Calgary)

"Some of the team were apprehensive at first, but by the end of our session with Maire-Claire, the whole group was feeling good and more connected. The facilitation was gentle, open and inviting and if you are considering a MOVEmeant experience for your team, I would recommend it!" -Malcolm Saunders (Owner, The Light Cellar, Calgary)

About our Weekly Ecstatic Dance Events...

"When [I first attended] Ecstatic Dance, I wasn't sure what to expect and I didn't know [Marie-Claire]. It was, for me, the start of something wonderful! Marie-Claire is now one of my favorite people and I've met many others through the Ecstatic Dance events. The music is fantastic, as are the venues and guest DJs. What I really love is the policy of no talking on the dance floor - it allows me to be completely free and focused and relaxed - no pressure.[...] The group dynamics are great and there is truly the feeling of being part of a tribe. [...] These sessions are vital to my well being in so many ways - and one heck of allot of fun for such an affordable cost. [...] A huge shout out to Marie-Claire for organizing and maintaining this exceptional experience - seeing the importance of dance and music and freedom and safety for all ages - and giving us a space for this."  -Marianne Hang (MOVEmeant Ecstatic Dance Participant)

"Ecstatic dance with MOVEmeant has helped me unleash, and process, a lifetime of pent up feelings. I always come out of there with a deeper understanding of myself. And aside from the healing it's just a super fun time!" -Braden Lyster (MOVEmeant Ecstatic Dance Participant)

About our Adult Personal Development Sessions

"I attended Marie-Claire's [Ecstatic Dance] sessions, and was inspired to use her services for part of a unique 40th Birthday party experience. [...] The experience was incredible, from the moment we arrived to discussion afterwards. From sacred cacao, to movement, to song bowl meditation, Marie-Claire created an experience that was second to none.. all the while keeping in mind my request for healing, spirituality, joy, friendship and female empowerment. I highly recommend her services. She has a fantastic way of working with [people] and allows you to let your silly side out - a big stress reliever. She also has a great network of spirituality based facilitators that she collaborates with and it enhanced our celebration immensely. Thank you Marie-Claire and thank you MoveMEANT!" -Lisha (Independent Contract Group)

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