Photo by Allison Seto - from      Ecstatic Dance      with Marie-Claire O’Donoghue  at    Esker Foundation  . Presented with exhibitions by Neil Campbell and Jeremy Shaw.

Photo by Allison Seto - from Ecstatic Dance with Marie-Claire O’Donoghue at Esker Foundation. Presented with exhibitions by Neil Campbell and Jeremy Shaw.

MOVEmeant is a Calgary based organization focused on intentional movement and free-form dance. We believe that physical movement plays a crucial role in overall mental, emotional and spiritual well being. We encourage our participants (of all ages and abilities) to explore self-awareness, self-respect, and self-development through our programs. We strive to support positive social connections and social awareness within communities. 

Our Mission

  • To encourage and foster self-development, self-confidence, and self-respect through movement and body awareness.

  • To support and create positive social connections within communities.

Our Vision

  • For all people to feel mutually supported and connected within their communities.

  • For all people to thrive through positive relationships and creative exploration.

  • For all people to seek mental, emotional, and spiritual development, through physical activity and expressive movement.

Our Values


  • Community

  • Curiosity

  • Creativity

  • Self Awareness

  • Body/Sensory Awareness

  • Social Awareness

  • FUN

Who Is Behind All This?

Marie-Claire O'Donoghue - Owner, Facilitator

Marie-Claire is an energetic, creative, passionate young woman who grew up in a dance studio setting. From ballet, to jazz, modern, hip-hop, tap, and latin ballroom, she always adored dancing. After years of structured dance, she began exploring free-form dance, eventually finding her way to Ecstatic Dance. This practice of freedom of expression drastically changed the way she viewed her connection between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. She begun her studies in Dance/Movement Therapy, and has since been developing programs and workshops in Calgary and surrounding area.

Having worked with at-risk youth, adults with developmental needs, and various other populations for over 10 years, Marie-Claire knew it was time to share her passion of movement with her community. Thus, MOVEmeant was born. Marie-Claire is dedicated to encouraging people of all ages to explore movement in a positive, supportive environment. Through her programs, she believes in reviving and improving emotional awareness using body movement as a bridge to growth. 

Marie-Claire has been described as playful, fun-loving, adventurous, and "known to follow her heart". Creating MOVEmeant  has allowed her to follow her passion, live her purpose, and positively influence the lives of many along the way.

Photo by  Kamal X

Photo by Kamal X

Marie-Claire is currently training as a Dance Movement Therapist, through the American Dance Therapy Association ( She also has a variety of educational and professional trainings; including a B.A. in Economics from the University of Alberta, Standard First Aid/CPR, Valid Criminal Record Check and Intervention Record Check, Mental Health First Aid, ASSIST Suicide Prevention Training, Diversity and Inclusion Training, CPI Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, High Five Training, and a variety of others. Marie-Claire is passionate about continuing her educational journey in her understanding of dance and movement as a self development practice.


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